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Your stepmom has given you an ultimatum; you must find a girlfriend and move out of her house within 30 days, or else face the consequences!

Your potential love interests include Mari, a babysitter and college student hired by your stepmom; Shawna, your domineering, no-nonsense boss; and Alexis, a personal trainer from your local gym. All three women have their own ideas about what to do with you and dating is the last thing on their minds ...

Your New Life is a dating simulator. We wanted to make a dating sim featuring the kind of adult content we liked to see and create, so Your New Life is all about female domination and different fetishes. It features:

  • 21 high quality CG images.
  • Amazing looking artwork throughout, from backgrounds to sexy-pin ups for each love interest.
  • 3 different dominant women, each with their own individual storylines and changing character models.
  • 4 endings.
  • 4 different outfits for you to unlock and wear. See how each love interest responds to you while you wear them!
  • Lots of humiliating dialogue.

All fetishes depicted are intended purely as fantasy and should not be taken seriously. This game contains frank sexual terminology and depictions of various fetishes, including forced infantilism, female domination, small penis humiliation, forced feminisation and petplay. Actions involving ejaculation are also written about openly. You're welcome to play the game but please respect other people's kinks and be aware of the game's content if you object to these acts being featured.

Install instructions

Instructions for playing offline:

  1. Download the game by clicking the button below. It's in a compressed folder but the only file is the standard .swf Flash game.
  2. Go to the Adobe Flash Player page and download a standalone version of Adobe Flash Player. The one you're looking for is "Download the Flash Player projector". It has different sections for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  3. Extract the game and play!

Be aware that most browsers are dropping support for Flash in December 2020, at least by default. So downloading seems like a better, more long-term way of playing the game.


From the sound of things, it seems like Adobe Flash Player will stop working offline too. With that in mind, I recommend using the Newgrounds Player instead:

  1. Download the game by clicking the button below. It's in a compressed folder but the only file is the standard .swf Flash game.
  2. Go to this page and follow the instructions to download and install the Newgrounds Flash Player.


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Would you have to totally rework this, in order to get it to run without Flash? If you built it specifically as a Flash game, I totally get it, but if you’re exporting from some game engine, as a Flash game, it should be possible to export it as some other format (though it may require refactoring in order to do so).

Is it even possible to win the game ?

Im back and flash doesnt work anymore...

Will there ever be a android version

SPOILERS? (for nothing happening)

Perhaps this is perverse, but I thought I had found the possibility for a secret ending and was a bit disappointed that it didn't exist (though that's on me). It seemed that, given the premise, working the entire month and saving the whole paycheque might logically allow one to end the month by moving out on one's own. It was kind of funny to have $6000 in the bank account and still apparently find it impossible to just go rent a bachelor apartment or something.  The main character makes a decent wage!

whats the password help